The Laws

The First Law: The Law Binds All

No ven is above the Law. This is the First Law, reminding proud, vain ven that no matter what their cunning, plots or rank, no ven may claim immunity to the Laws Jonan Drax gave.

The Second Law: No Ven May Commit Murder

Killing another ven is the most foul act a ven can commit. The Second Law deals with this. Remember, the ven don’t believe in souls. Murdering another is robbing that ven of Solace and whatever may follow. This is the greatest crime.

The Third Law: What You Own is Yours

The ven tradition of ownership is pretty simple. If you own it, it is yours. Even if you just took it from another ven’s hands. If he did not want it, he wouldn’t have given it to you. This also creates a complication in issues of trust. “Hold this for me,” carries a whole new set of connotations now, doesn’t it?

The Fourth Law: You Own Your Promises

The Fourth Law seems to be a follow-up on the Third. The ven are very careful about making a promise. Unlike our own culture, “being a flake” is a crime. If a ven does not say the words “I promise,” he is not bound by anything else he says.

The Fifth Law: No Ven Will Practice Sorcery

The Fifth Law is the one the ven ignore. All of them. Well, nearly all. There are a few exceptions in the literature, but otherwise, nearly every ven breaks this Law.

The Sixth Law: No Ven Will Make War

Again, as evidenced by what we know of ven history, the Fifth Law was something the ven did not truly respect. They voiced respect for the Law, but in practice, secret armies are everywhere. Most Dukes keep secret armies to raid the fields and farms of their enemies.

The Seventh Law: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Finally, the Seventh Law, giving the ven a guide for setting punishment for those who break the other six. Like everything else in their lives, the punishment must be appropriate.