Blooded of the Wolf

“We are Either Tools or Weapons”

Prominent Families: Adrente, Banin, Drew, Sheeda, Tal

The Blooded of the Wolf live in the central isles where mountains reach up from the waters. They are a small people, dark-haired and dark-eyed. They who revere memory can list their lineages by heart. They take pride in knowledge and scholarship, but are best known for another trait: in combat, they are completely mad.

The House of the Wolf see knowledge as a weapon—just like everything else in the world—that a Ven must use to maintain his freedom. They are fanatical scholars and truth-seekers. In fact, one could say the Wolf are fanatical about everything—at least the things important to the Wolf.

The dichotomy between scholar and berserk is the defining trait of the Wolf. The founder of the House, Tal Adrente, was a small man of great mirth and anger. Easily riled, he carried no weapons. “I’ll just take his,” he once said of a particularly rude opponent. He did, and beat his enemy to death with his own Sword.

The virtue the Wolf reveres is Wavenda: “Prowess.” To find advantage.