Blooded of the Serpent

“I carry Wisdom’s price”

Prominent Families: Mwrr, Jalan, Ovjen, Ru, Valar

The House of Jalan was instrumental in Thayl’s downfall, freeing the other Houses from the mad emperor’s tyrannical rule. This historical fact has not been forgotten by the other Houses, but it does not diminish the level of mistrust they hold for the Blooded of the Serpent.

Houses must deal with politics, intrigue, and sorcery. All of these things have one element in common: the element of secrecy. The Serpent is a symbol of dangerous Wisdom in ven mythology. He is the trickster spirit with poison that kills the weak and enlightens the strong.

The Blooded of the Serpent are the only house who do not trace their lineage back to a man, but back to Serpent himself, the grand trickster, who fooled a mortal woman and begat his children through her (although some suggest it was she who fooled Serpent). No other House knows more about Shanri than the Serpent. Her mysteries and secrets, her hidden ruins and strains of ork. Vast libraries document Serpent’s knowledge of the world, available only to those strong enough to carry the pain of Wisdom.

The virtue the Serpent reveres is Uvaltua: “Wisdom.” To suffer painful knowledge.