Blooded of the Fox

“Never Enough”

Prominent Families: Yvarai, Silja, Q’n, Eshu, Tammel

Their names are as elegant as silks and their poetry is like spice. The Blooded of the Fox take a special pride in Beauty, elegance and indulgence. They are the harvesters of culture and etiquette, masters of innuendo and double-meanings, speaking in elaborate codes that only the initiated may decipher.

The House of the Fox was founded by a man obsessed with excellence in all things. “If one is good, ten is better.” Their music is loud and full of passion. It was the Fox who brought the Courts of Romance to the Blooded Houses, introducing the concept of courtly love with stories, poems and songs, and they are the masters of Opera—the high alchemical art—filled with stories of doomed lovers and grand tragedies. They are also masters of sanjien, a martial art that binds the soul and Sword.

The House of the Fox views hedonism, ajurna, as the “art of pleasure.” Knowing one’s limits is the first step of this art: knowing when to stop the pleasure before pain begins. Excess causes pain, and the first lesson of ajurna is how to indulge in pleasure while avoiding the consequences of pain.

The virtue the Fox reveres is Yvaytha: “Beauty.” To bring sublime majesty to all things.