Blooded of the Elk

“Nobility is not only in the blood, but in the purpose”

Prominent Families: Steele, Thayl, Jasnine, Uvan, Ballan

One of the most powerful families in the land, the Thayl held the Imperial Throne for centuries. The last Thayl Emperor, however, was driven insane by his own ambition.
He was put down by the other Blooded families but not before he could impart a curse upon each one. His final curse shattered the land, sending all the families to the five
corners of the world. Ever since then, the Blooded of the Elk have sought to restore their family’s name.

Regardless of their past, the Blooded of the Elk are still masters of the Subtle Game. They are the backbone of the courts, the power behind the thrones. Nearly every Great House has an Elk advisor, putting them in key positions all throughout the land.

Despite their unique position, many Laws restrict their Strength. These Laws, passed by the Senate, restrict how much land the Blooded of the Elk may hold and what sorceries they can practice. All of this ensures the family that almost destroyed the world will never have the opportunity to do so again.

The virtue of the Elk is Inguena: “cunning.” To plot, to plan, and to execute.