The Houses

The House of the Blooded

Blooded of the Bear

The Blooded of the Bear are fiercely independent, strong, and capable. They lack sophistication but make up for it by being earnest. Their favored virtue is Strength.

Blooded of the Elk

Home to many powerful, clever and politically motivated ven, their House remains half veiled because the actions of the Last Emperor – a shame most Elk seek to undo. Their favored virtue is Cunning.

Blooded of the Falcon

Travelers of the Road, this House has close ties to the land and its people. They alone know the secrets of The Storm that ravaged Shanri in years past. Their favored virtue is Courage.

Blooded of the Fox

The Fox are renown equally for their elegance and indulgence. Their penchant for Romance inspire both Opera and pillowbooks alike. Their favored virtue is Beauty.

Blooded of the Serpent

The Serpent are keepers of secrets and the only House trusted with study the arts of sorcery. No other House knows more about Shanri than the Serpent. Their favored virtue is Wisdom.

Blooded of the Wolf

A House of warrior-poets, who are equally as fanatically about scholarly pursuits as they are about perfecting their skills with the Sword. Their favored virtue is Prowess.

The Veiled Houses

Blooded of the Horse

The Blooded of the Horse were known for their selflessness. They defended and provided for those who could not do so for themselves. They favored the virtue of Service. Nearly a century ago they were veiled by the Senate.