The ven place a great deal of emphasis on the meaning of names. Presented below are several common name meanings but by no means is this a comprehensive list given the mercurial nature of the ven language.

Aban: “the world forgives daring”
Abazai: “the cherry blossoms fall”
Abendago: “the unforgotten song”
Abhaz: “born in the northern snows”
Aby: “the river’s memory”
Alanya: “protector of the home”
Alexai: “the hand and the sword”
Ashla: “rest here”
Asvil: “born of light”
Atami: “thoughtful”
Ato: “first born son”
Bajinoth: “the wind whispers”
Cavala: “worthy of love”
Chayan: “born of the marsh”
Cosette: “peace of heart”
Dagul: “father of many”
Dalette: “Thief of the Heart”
Dalin: “Dashing Rouge”
Dara: “in my arms, be born again”
Davan: “tall and large”
Ddwyer: “hold fast”
Deta: “white and fair”
Devenal: “Vision of the Future”
Dosajee: “in the Suaven I trust”
Dranna: “the heavens in my eyes”
Drial: “I am your friend”
Durt: “worthy of love”
Ecc: “Shanri’s mysteries in my heart”
Emara: “Beauty found in the flash of the Blade”
Fenrir: “Born for the Hunt”
Feyla: “cheerful eyes”
Furrios: “Those Who Stand United”
Fyx: “I am alive”
Godfren: “devoted guardian”
Gryndil: “illuminating the darkness”
Gwanal: “my love will give you no rest”
Halara: ”White Rose”
Halia: “the hawk’s white wing”
Haroon: “my father rejoices”
Hillan: “to remain alone”
Icusalia: “cottage under the moon”
Illudyll: “the soul of the sun”
Isla: “ever watchful”
Jana: “my truth in you”
Janoth: “Whispered Truth”
Kavamadii: “purity and grace”
Kostas: “Hidden Treasure”
Kyocera: “I cannot be known”
La’Zeta: “Beautifully Minded”
Lisle: “appointed one”
Lonor: “I am the rival”
Lura: “brightest star”
Lorsa: “my gaze pierces even the darkest shadows”
Maja: “laughter heals”
Maura: “the red widow”
Maurevay: ”keeper of the power”
Maurevel: “keeper of the woods”
Melota: “eternal mystery”
Meza: “where berries grow”
Miralia: “wild rose”
Mordain: “dagger’s edge”
Moryandal: “inevitable victory”
Mxura: “master of the house”
Myri: “full of hope”
Niassa: “the ungentle night”
Nikala: “Secret Hope”
No: “forbidden kiss”
Olivama: “I will fool them with desire”
Pen’reail: “I bow to none”
Pera: “you shall never escape me”
Rajh: “I will die on your grave”
Rali: “my meal will be wine”
Regana: “slender stem”
Sayir: “Mischievous Grin”
Sorio: “the warrior brings peace”
Tanis: “shrewd insight”
Tasha: “the green meadow”
Tatjan: “friend of the mountain”
Tjan: “most earnest”
Torr: “iron does not bend”
Trixauna: “daughter of the Sword”
Tshanja: “the education of experience”
Tzao: “born of fire”
Ul: “spiced wine”
U’Ser: “Sly”
Uthandaye: “small stone”
Van: “little one”
Vangalio: “my deeds will inspire”
Vanglia: “my family will not forget”
Veria: “Littlest Child”
Vistalia: “mountain rose”
Vrdj: “joined in harmony”
Weatha: “the elder tree”
Wyel: “I pledge”
Zrudura: “my heart aches”