The Ven

The race who claimed the world the sorcerer-kings left behind. For more about the ven, start with this primer on Ven Society.


Shanri has a wide diversity of thriving fauna and flora. None of it was untouched by the sorcerer-kings who meddled with life by way of sorcery. To the ven, these entities are ork which literally means “other”. The context is plain: any living, dangerous thing that is not ven is ork. It may be bi-pedal, it may be a carnivorous plant, it could also be a spectral force that cannot be entirely seen. Deadly others are ork. Others that are less dangerous, or even downright safe, are not ork. Instead, they are just ruk: “beneath notice”; peasants.


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Other Cultures

The ven never mention other cultures, yet they co-existed with the early Atlanteans, Lemurians and Hyperborians. These cultures were in their infancy, still little more than orks, but they do exist. These alien cultures never appear in any ven literature. Given the auspiciousness of such a meeting, you’d expect even a casual mention of Atlantean magicians, Lemurian mystics or even Hyperborian warlords. But, unfortunately, there is nothing.