Relics are items sacred to a Suaven that are symbolically tied to their nature and their history. Such relics are always the foundation around which a Shrine to a Suaven is built. However that is not all that they are useful for. The enigmatic power of the Suaven flow through Relics and imbue them with mystical qualities.

In game terms, Relics function identically to Artifacts. Relics may have the same Values as Artifacts or may make use of the new Values listed below. Values chosen should be appropriate to the Suaven the Relic is bound to. If a Relic has an Artifact Value it also posses the trait DOOM!

You cannot have a Relic that exceeds your ranks in Devotion to a particular Suaven. So if you have a rank 3 Devotion to Ashalim Avendi you can only carry up to 3 ranks of Relics specific to him. The exception to this are Profane relics.

Relic Values

The following Values are only available for Relics.


This relic is always bound in bits of the altrua of a Suaven and often stored in portable altar boxes. Carrying it allows you to commune directly with them and for them to witness what you witness. If carried as an Advantage, you may invoke for one Style Point this relic to add its rating to any Contest that uses the Virtue favored by that Suaven. While carrying this relic, you gain one Solace Aspect possessed by that Suaven that has a rank equal to half the rank of the relic, rounded up.


This relic is a pure and perfect symbol of a given Suaven that is beautiful to behold. You start play with bonus Style Points equal to the rank of this relic if you bring it as an Advantage. If any harm comes to this relic you immediately suffer an injury with a rank equal to that of the relic.


A profane relic has been corrupted or defiled and is no longer bound to any Suaven or worse has been claimed by one of the Fashuva. When someone attempts to use a Devotion or a Blessing against you in a Contest, you may spend a Style Point and compare the rank of this relic to their Devotion, if its rank is higher they cannot use their Devotion or Blessing against you. If not, you can call the rank of this relic as a tag against them in that Contest. Profane relics have DOOM! as if they were an Artifact and open possession of a Profane relic is highly illegal.


This relic is a container storing some of the blood of a Suaven. Once per season you can use a drop of blood from this relic in place of using an amount of your own blood. It provides sufficient ‘blood’ for a rank of Injury equal to the relic’s rank. The Suaven knows how their blood was used are mystically tied to and ritual or the like it is used for, they may inflict their Wrath if they take offense to the use of their blood.