Getting Started

Get to know the game

At the very least, download and read the the previews of Houses of the Blooded and Blood & Tears from the Houses of the Blooded site. It will give you the background to the game and how it differs from anything you’ve played to date.

We do however recommend that you buy the books:
Houses of the Blooded
Blood & Tears
Together the books cost less than a movie for two or a nice dinner.

These additional books are not needed at all, but will give you more background and ideas for your character:
Coronets but Never Crowns

While running Blood & Tears events, we’ve noticed that people are initially reluctant to read the source material, but they devour it after only one session. Vrentae consumes them, so get a head start and discover what it’s all about.

Find a concept

After reading the background, decide on the type of character you want to play.
Some ideas include:

  • A cocky young duelist
  • A secretive Master of Flowers that deals in small vials of murder
  • An opera composer/singer
  • An ambitious Senator-to-be
  • The attractive socialite that has the court wrapped around their finger

The ideas are endless; discover and build your own.