Character Creation

Build your character using the rules in the Houses of the Blooded rulebook.

Step 1: Background (HotB p.86)

You do not need to roll for any of the background traits (e.g. Parents’ ranks and Houses or Spouse). You can choose the values you want.

Step 2: Virtues (HotB p. 91)

Characters assign Virtues as per the rules in HotB on p. 93.

Step 3: Phases (HotB p. 94)

Phase, Age & Rank

All characters start in their Spring phase and must be at least 16 years old.

All characters start with the rank of Baron.


Spring characters start with 2 Aspects.

A list of Aspects used in our game can be found here. Players may create custom Aspects if they want to do so but they must be signed off on by a Narrator before they come into play.


Contacts must be other player characters. As per the normal rules, characters start with one Contact.

Step 4: Devotions (HotB p. 99)

Characters start with ranks in Devotions as per the the rules in HotB p. 99.

The Suaven

Character may start with Devotion to any of the Greater, Lesser or Family Suaven. Players may create custom Lesser and Family Suaven to have Devotion to if they want to do so but they must be signed off on by a Narrator before they come into play.


Your character may start with one free Blessing from the Suaven to whom you have the highest rank of Devotion as a sign of your ties to that Suaven.

The Fashuva

Characters may not start play with Devotion to one of the Fashuva without narrator approval and a really good story to back it up.

Step 5: Domain (HotB p. 100)

Follow the rules presented in this section.

Remember to Name your regions and vassals. The Ven believed if you couldn’t be bothered to Name something, you obviously didn’t want to keep it.

Step 6: Bonus Points (HotB p. 103)


Artifacts cost 1 Bonus Point per rank. Some Artifact Values are ranked (i.e. they getter or more effect the higher their rank) while others only cost a single rank but never get any better.

No character can have an Artifact with Vulgar as one of its Values. Vulgar Artifacts are reserved for plots and Narrator-use.


New Aspects cost 1 Bonus Point each.


Contacts must be other player characters as mentioned above.


Must first be bought as Contacts. So buying a new Contact and turning them into a Friend costs 2 Bonus Points.


Refer to our custom rules for Suaven Relics. Like Artifacts, Relics cost 1 Bonus Point per rank.


A Vassal’s rank can’t go above 3 even with Bonus Points.

What You Can’t Buy with Bonus Points

Blessings, Holdings and Maneuvers can’t be bought with Bonus Points by Spring characters. Instead, they have to be developed in play or purchased with Favours.

One Cool Thing

We took the idea of One Cool Thing from the Phoenix Blood & Tears LARP. What it entails is that after you’ve built your character, you may ask the Narrators for One Cool Thing that only your character has.

Some cool things have included:

  • An airship
  • A castle that used to be a puzzle house
  • The Storm taking the character as their consort

Maybe you want to serve one of the fashuva or really be a member of a veiled House. Come up with an idea and propose it to the Narrators.

Three Things

Build a list of Three Things everyone knows about your character. It acts as a quick hook for people to connect their character to yours and get the stories flowing.

We are playing a Friendly Game so all secrets are open if someone digs for them. So don’t be afraid to include something like “Count Balor has dreams of becoming Emperor one day” in there, if that is what your character’s goal is. You might just make a few friends who want to see you there…

The Ven have a saying “Show your Enemy your Weakness, for then you will know where he will strike.”

Submit your character

Use the form on the site to submit your character and a short history.

We really don’t want pages and pages of history when you submit your character, just enough that we know you’ve given some thought to the character you want to play.

If you want to have an involved history we encourage you to write one and post it for public reading. Sharing it with everyone means they can get involved. They can be your Allies, your Enemies, Lovers or Rivals…

Get Involved

Once your character has been approved, you will see that you can post articles to the site. These posts will show up in the Ven section of the site.

You can use it as a diary for your character, to share their thoughts and reveal parts of their history to other players.
You can post “research” about the Ven, sharing cool things you think would grow the world, e.g. adapting the the Victorian Language of Flowers to the world of the Ven or sharing something you found in another Blood & Tears or Houses of the Blooded site. Just remember to credit your sources.
Even share some quotes of the Ven.

Players who use this feature will find their characters rewarded with Style to be used at events and exceptional posts will be showcased on the main page.

Posts should be short. Both you and those who read it have other things demanding their attention, so write a maximum of 500 words and split longer stories across multiple posts.

The Narrators reserve the right to Veto anything they feel don’t fit into the world, e.g. firearms. Most of the time however, we will use the phrase “yes, but…” and work with you to refine a concept that works.

Attend the Events

All of this is just a build-up to the events themselves.
We will dress up, fasten our blades and get ready for a night we won’t forget.