Blooded Q’val

The Wilderness supplement for Houses of the Blooded offers an alternative character creation for Blooded Q’val characters. These rules have been modified for use in our game and are presented below. It should be noted that all Blooded Q’val are, first and foremost, still Blooded.

In our game, they engage in the same games of Romance and Revenge as any other noble ven does. They are respected for their Devotion to the Suaven as such Devotion comes with power. Think of them more as the priests and oracles of the Greek gods or even the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Empire. Nobility and religion often go hand-in-hand and the Q’val are no different.

While some eschew such activities as part of their Devotion they are the rare and unpopular exception. It isn’t exactly as if most Suaven expect their Devoted to live such diminished lives, they are still Blooded ven and thus entitled to everything that entails so long as it doesn’t put them at odds with their Devotion.

Making a Blooded Q’val

Important: Make sure you have access to a copy of Houses of the Blooded (HotB), Blood & Tears (B&T), and Wilderness (WLD) rule books.

Noted below are clarifications and changes to the character creation rules in the WLD book starting on p.174 . Players should otherwise follow along with the character creation rules as presented in that chapter.

Note: To keep the distinction clear between the special shrines of Blooded Q’val and the shrine holding, all Q’val Shrines (as referenced in the WLD book) are referred to as Temples instead.

Step 1: Background (WLD p.176)

All Blooded Q’Val are still nobles of one of the six unveiled Houses. Q’val characters start with a title based on their Devotion rank.

You may choose your characters family, House, siblings, children, and so forth.

Step 2: Virtues (HotB p. 91)

As per the base Character Creation rules.

Step 3: Phases (HotB p. 94)

As per the base Character Creation rules.

Step 4: Devotions (WLD p. 175)

As per the rules in the WLD book on p. 175 though all Devotion ranks must be associated with a single Suaven. Starting Q’val are limited to a maximum Devotion of rank 5 (Priest) even with Bonus Points.


A Q’val starts with three Blessings provided by their Suaven.

The Fashuva

Player-character Q’val may not start play Devoted to one of the Fashuva.

Step 5: Domain (HotB p. 100)

In place of a Domain all Blooded Q’val being play with a rank 1 Temple and no other regions. A Q’val can spend Bonus Points to increase a Temple’s rank up to a maximum of rank 3. For more information on Temples, see the Temple rules below.

In place of Vassals all Blooded Q’val being play with 3 ranks of Followers. The following types of Vassals can be taken as Followers:

Apothecary, Artisan, Temple Scholar (Court Scholar), Gossip, Herald, Attendant (Maid/Valet), Personal Guard, Roadmen, Staff, Surgeon.

Step 6: Bonus Points (HotB p. 103)

As per the base Character Creation rules with the following additions:


Q’val can purchase additional Blessings for 1 Bonus Point each to a maximum number of Blessings equal to their Devotion Rank.


Q’val can raise their Devotion to a maximum of 5 ranks with Bonus Points.


Ranks can be increased as if they were Vassals.


Cannot be purchased by Q’val characters.