Detailed below are changes to any existing Artifact Values detailed in HotB and B&T. Additionally any new Artifact Values made available during play will be listed below.

Every value an Artifact has costs 1 bonus point or artifact point and has at least 1 rank. Some values may have multiple ranks (Aspect, Terror, etc) dedicated to them and cost an equal number of bonus points or artifact points. An Artifact’s total ranks can’t exceed 5. So thus an Artifact with Aspect 3, Wicked, and Swift can’t have any more values as it is at 5 ranks.

Each individual Artifact a ven carries gains the DOOM! trait. So a ven carrying two Artifacts has two DOOM!, and so forth.

Clarified & Modified Values


Each rank 3 injury you take to use this Value grants you an appropriate Aspect.


Using this Artifact Value doesn’t cost you a Style Point but does inflict a rank of injury equal to the Style Points you steal. You can only steal a number of Style Points per event equal to the rank of this Value.


You deny your opponent a number of Maneuvers in a duel equal to the ranks in this Value.


In order to steal a specific Aspect you must have learned that Aspect’s compel through a previous Contest with the character you are stealing it from.

New Values


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