The Ven Families of Pala de Nata - After the Pretoria Workshop

The Families of the Blooded

What makes the Ven different from the unblooded Veth? Their Blood. The Blood that ties them to the families they are born into. The House they choose to align themselves to through the Blooding ritual. Every aspect of their lives…. Read more »

Style is Everything

Pala de Nata, is a Blood & Tears LARP. Blood & Tears are the Live-Action rules for John Wick’s (7th Sea, L5R) Houses of the Blooded. Now that sounds like a mouth full. What makes both games so different is… Read more »

Business as usual

Atami danced slightly to the left before lunging rapidly to the right side of his opponent, touching the wooden practice blade he was wielding into the side of the Veth before him. The Veth flinched and while pulling back fell… Read more »

Upcoming Events

Our Facebook community is growing nicely and we also now have a G+ community for those of you who prefer the platform. Just search Pala de Nata on your favourite social network to find the group. Our upcoming events are:… Read more »

Welcome to Pala de Nata,

Welcome to Pala de Nata, a Blood & Tears-based live action roleplaying game (LARP) in Gauteng, South Africa. Pala de Nata is set in the world of John Wick’s Houses of the Blooded. Join us for games where the ambitious… Read more »