A Midnight Stroll

             With thin, milk light from a shaved quarter moon at play on his face, R’shana Lorsa Ovjen made his way among the dark topiary, overgrown and monstrous, in those ornamental gardens sprawled out among the castle ruins. Turrets fallen… Read more »

Act 2 Scene 5

The Library of Shadows, deep within the castle Neth’scurial. The Library is lit by a chandelier whose light, unable to reach the extremities of the room, lights only the spines of those volumes on the central shelves of the long… Read more »

Visits and rumours of scandals

‘My lady,’ the quiet voice of my maid interrupts my thoughts. I turn to look at her. ‘You have a guest’ ‘Who?’ I ask. ‘The R’shana Gwanal Yvarai craves some of your time.’ ‘Bring her to the sun room, the… Read more »

Event 2 – Preregistration

Preregistration of our second event: The Summer Althua is open. Please visit our new page to register: Preregistration If you preregister you get the following: One Style Express Registration at the Event Your character sheet on a badge (instead of a… Read more »

Fruit of your loins

All those many years wondering what happened to my brother. Crystal can’t compare to my knowledge now. Evil workings in the night, to make the day clear and tight. Oh sorry I am sure I wasn’t meant to speak about… Read more »