The Talk

“Leave us.” Her words resonated through the room.  She didn’t yell or even raise her voice.  She simply spoke in a tone practised over many seasons to convey her will to all who listened.  It was the voice of the… Read more »


The Visit

“Tony!”  The valet turned around and saw the doorman rushing towards him.  “She is here to see the master.” “Who is?” “You know … her.” “Oh, her.  I see.  But why come to me?  Shouldn’t you inform the master?” “Well,… Read more »

Banjinoth Q'N

A Suaven for the Opera

Bajinoth Q’n House: Blooded of the Fox Favoured Virtue: Beauty Titles: The Unrivaled Composer, Puppeteer Host, Bladed Quill Symbol: A rose surrounded by seven masks Blessings: The Befuddling Kiss, The Black Kiss, The Enchanting Kiss, The Invisible Tongue,A Fox’s Eyes Background Bajinoth Q’n grew… Read more »