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The Long Cold Night

The wind howls around the keep with the sound of a thousand baying wolves and screaming ghosts, driving the freezing rain against the windows and walls. The winter storm batters against the castle, almost as if it is waging war… Read more »

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Unexpected Happenings

It was a good day, cold, but a good day nonetheless. Having just returned to his Domain from business elsewhere, Itharius decided it would be a good idea to take a stroll through his lands. As usual, Itharius was ill… Read more »

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Never again

I ride through the storm, the wind lashing at me and my clothing, tearing it to tatters as the ghostly figures in the clouds howl and gibber. I lower myself further over my horse’s neck to try and keep the… Read more »

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A night of poetry and boredom

I sit before the fireplace as the cold Autumn winds blowing off the mountain batter the castle’s walls and whistle through the stones. Here, in this space it is warm, with good food, better wine and the best company. I watch… Read more »

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A Daughter’s Duty

“I am not going,” I declare, crumpling the invitation in my hand, as I have so many others over the last year. “I have too much to do here, I have to prepare the farm to build a new ranch for… Read more »


The News

Pen’reail was riding through the Plains of Eriadan in Southern Corlan.  Very recently there was a small Ork incursion.  His roadmen had dispatched them swiftly, but Pen’reail still wished to view the scene for himself.  With the Elarin forest so… Read more »

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Marquess Emara Krev left the party smiling. It was unfortunate that Alanya had Vrentae enacted on her, however it was probably the only possible outcome although the fountain poisoning was a stroke of genius. She would miss Alanya and although… Read more »

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I have not spent this much time in my chambers in a long time. I am usually so preoccupied with my experiments that the only time I really spend here is in an exhausted sleep. I sit at my writing… Read more »