Can I be a member of a Veiled House?

Yes, but it will be your One Cool Thing.

We will allow members of the revealed Houses, either in the released books or on the Houses of the Blooded forums. If you ask to play such a house, you will have to show that you know what their history.

These Houses are Veiled either because their Virtues were so abhorrent to Ven society or because they were hunted to extinction by another

What is the deal with the language?

The Narrators don’t expect everyone to learn a new language. Using the language developed for the game however, adds to the atmosphere and we encourage players to learn some of it.

Referring to your leige as altrex
Knowing the difference between Vrentae, VRENtae and vrenTAE
Why the Narrators say venta, venta when portraying veth
A what ranks r’shanna, rhushva, fyllyn and ohlrex are all contribute to making the game a lot of fun.

How does the hosting of events work?

Pala de Nata events will be held once a season, with events taking the form of a party hosted by one of the player Ven (at a venue selected by the Narrators).
Players will be notified via email as to when and where their event will be hosted as well as what will be required of them.

Am I allowed to play a Vassal of another player or just a Roadman?

Yes you are.

You can voluntarily pick a lower rank, but why you would does not make sense in the world of the more ambitious Ven. 😉

However interesting concepts like a Ven who has lost their lands and the Senate unwilling to grant the right of Vrentae and now they now plot bring down the rival that caused it, amuse us.

The only requirement is that you play a Blooded Ven.