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The Hunt approaches.

The days of Winter had past and Godfren now had his chance to run a Hunt. The shiver of excitement ran down his spine. “I wonder what the others will bring to the wilderness…” He walks down the path towards… Read more »

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Meetings in Shadows

Taking a walk through the Castle grounds Godfren Thorne thinks back to the previous hunt. The wolves performed well. Hunting looked like a game when he was them. The serpents hid at the back as they normally do and made… Read more »

Ruined History

The patrols passed by for a second time. For orks they seemed quite organized. I lifted my body onto the ledge that was extending over the shadows I was hiding in. Atop the ledge I had a clear view of… Read more »

Mystery in Valdendon

It was a day unlike any other. The heavens had opened and with it brought down a storm I had never experienced before. I was already within the province of Valdendon and its roads were nearly as unkind as its… Read more »