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A Winter of Gardening.

Atami frowned slightly and a near by servant moved, sluggishly to stoke the fires within the newly made greenhouse. Atami nodded, absentmindedly, to the servant and returned to lounging in his sedan chair and watching winter’s slow march forward. Everything… Read more »

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The Coldest Night.

  Atami felt the chill at his extremities. He knew things were happening, his brother was crying and taking people away. They left one by one, some giving sympathy and some grinning behind their hands.   Atami couldn’t keep track… Read more »

Business as usual

Atami danced slightly to the left before lunging rapidly to the right side of his opponent, touching the wooden practice blade he was wielding into the side of the Veth before him. The Veth flinched and while pulling back fell… Read more »