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Facing the Empress

As Ilana was getting dressed for the Wild hunt she couldn’t help but recall the events of the ‘Blackest winter’. She laughed at their amusing name for it. Something was still nagging at her brain. How had Haroon bested her?… Read more »

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Fate awaits

Ilana walked through the lands and holdings that were once Emara Krevs. They were well tended and did seem to have a vague sense of military about them. However the Veth and Ven who lived there seemed to weirdly have… Read more »

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Marquess Emara Krev left the party smiling. It was unfortunate that Alanya had Vrentae enacted on her, however it was probably the only possible outcome although the fountain poisoning was a stroke of genius. She would miss Alanya and although… Read more »