Pala de Nata means “don’t break the dishes” in ancient Ven.  It was used as a warning – a reminder to Ven – to remember the rules of Hospitality, lest they break them.
It is also the name of a Blood & Tears-based Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game based in Gauteng, South Africa.  Blood & Tears is the Live Action rules for John Wick’s Houses of the Blooded role-playing game, where players take on the role of Ven.

In the game, the Ven are a cruel race of beings who existed on earth in an age centuries before that of Conan.  They were created as servants to beings known only as the Sorcerer Kings.  When these beings disappeared, the most powerful among the Ven mastered the blood magic rituals of their former masters.  They rose to power and established the Houses of the Blooded, each claiming the heraldry of a sacred animal for the Virtue they held dear, from the Strength of the Bear to the Beauty of the Fox.

Through the years a complex society developed based on the Laws of one of the Blooded, known as Jonen Drax.
A society ruled over by the ambitious Blooded Ven and served by the unblooded veth.
The laws, the only thing that kept their ambition in check.
A society where Ven plotted, schemed, bent and broke the laws.
A society where the strong rose and the blood of the vanquished flowed… especially when they forgot that the Laws applied to all Ven.

The game itself is designed to facilitate cooperative role-playing, granting players almost complete control over their characters and their place within the world.  To not just recount, but live out stories of Passion, Drama, Revenge and even Romance.

The Ven had a word “Vrentae”, which translates directly as “holding my heart”. Obsession. Passion.  
The Ven used it describe two things: Romance and Revenge.  Two things closely related. One always leads to the other.

Pala de Nata events are held once a season, with events taking the form of a party hosted by one of the player Ven.  Between events, players will be able to chronicle their character’s story on the site and submit their actions for the season, allowing them to build domains only limited by their their Ambition.

For a preview visit:  The Houses of the Blooded downloads page