The Hunt approaches.


The days of Winter had past and Godfren now had his chance to run a Hunt. The shiver of excitement ran down his spine. “I wonder what the others will bring to the wilderness…” He walks down the path towards the gate of his new lodge. There is a rustle in the brush nearby.

” I know it is you Mi’Nah, do you have a report for me?”

A shadow approaches but stays hidden. “The pack has been active… They are being corralled as we speak.”

Godfren’s eyes light up. “Excellent work, you have done well. Are they as vicious as the tales?”

“I am afraid so. They are also very smart. We have had some casualties during our initial contact with them. They tend to seek out the weakest of prey and try do take them out.” Mi’Nah says as she adjusts her stance.

“I will inform the guests as they arrive then. It would be a shame if someone had to die because of negligence on my part. A warning should be enough I think.” Godfren looks up towards the sky. “I need one more thing Mi’Nah… Please make sure that none of your tribe tries to come close to the lodge during the hunt. Some of the other ven are not as open as I am. Here in the North things are different than for those coming from the south.”

“I will inform Ma’Tuk to tell the others. My duty is to you and I will ensure that the hunt runs smoothly before I go.”

Godfren looks at the shadow and nods. The bushes rustle again and then only the eerie silence of the wilderness falls across his ears again. “What an event this will be…” Godfren thinks aloud. He continues on his way towards the lodge. The building stands before him looming over the lush green around it. It was certainly something to behold. The open air theme seemed a good idea at the time and no one dared to think otherwise. Many of Eremus’ Keepers were busy setting up the decor for the event and some of the Walkers were patrolling the area making sure that any unpleasant visitors are dealt with.

Godfren stands on the deck of his new building. He readies his bow and aims towards the sky. “I cannot reach the heavens with any shot I take…” He lowers it towards the clearing where a few new saplings have been planted next to a burnt tree. “…but I will certainly hit my mark on the earth below…” He lets loose an arrow. It whistles as it flies through the air until it pierces the burnt tree. “The hunt is approaching. Time to prepare…”