Fate awaits

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Ilana walked through the lands and holdings that were once Emara Krevs. They were well tended and did seem to have a vague sense of military about them. However the Veth and Ven who lived there seemed to weirdly have loyalty and was that even love for Emara… ‘Must be because she treated them as equals,’ though Ilana. The armies and militia would of course be disbanded and held accountable, or so the Senate would think. Ilana was sent to attend to the Estates of Emara and since no servant of the Senate owns lands, she would merely stay there and defend it. For what you can protect, you own. ‘I do own this’ she laughed gaily to herself as Emara’s seneschal fixed her hair.

“The red becomes you my lady, is that what brings you so much amusement?” asked her Seneschal.

“No, I am just happy to be home” she replied.

“We thought you might not come back…” said the Seneschal worriedly.

“I will be Empress, and nothing can stop that.”

“Perhaps it isn’t wise too talk like this Emara” the Seneschal whispered the last word.

“Ah Tyr, you always did worry too much. No one suspects that I am not dead but am changed through some wondrous sorcery! No one expects me, let alone acting on behalf of the Senate.”

“Perhaps… Should I send a missive to Itharius and inform him?”

“No, letters could be found. I’ll let him know at the next Althua. It’s not very kind for him to believe I am dead however it cannot be helped.” She said solemnly. ‘Don’t worry my love, I am still here and will be with you soon. Nothing has changed, not my plans, not my love for you… Well actually something has changed’ she thought touching her new face in the mirror. The fine features and red hair, so unlike her own. Oh how she loved blood magic! “I hope Itharius will find this new form pleasing?” Emara said. “Ilana my lady you are beautiful” replied the Seneschal.