A Suaven for the Opera

Banjinoth Q'N

Bajinoth Q’n

House: Blooded of the Fox
Favoured Virtue: Beauty
Titles: The Unrivaled Composer, Puppeteer Host, Bladed Quill
Symbol: A rose surrounded by seven masks
Blessings: The Befuddling Kiss, The Black Kiss, The Enchanting Kiss, The Invisible Tongue,A Fox’s Eyes


Bajinoth Q’n grew up as many of the Blooded of the Fox, living a life of decadent personal gain. Bajinoth Q’n used all the graces that his birth and blooding gave him to shape a world and society around himself to fit his pleasures. Bajinoth Q’n life changed during a single evening in his Summer years when he escorted one of his many young Ven lovers to an opera. The name and story of the opera has been lost to time, but what is know is that the opera he saw changed who Bajinoth Q’n was. The beauty of the tale evolved his desires, the haunting melodies reshaped his perception of the world, and the faceless actors on the changed his understanding of the Ven and their society entirely. That night Bajinoth Q’n turned away his younger for the seclusion of his chambers, he wept. He wept at how an opera had changed his life and redefined everything in his mind and spirit.

Bajinoth Q’n was reborn in the fires of opera’s beauty.

Bajinoth Q’n was not seen for many passing seasons, rumours swept the parlours that he had gone mad and was hiding away from the cruel world of the Ven. None knew what he was doing behind the locked door of his chamber, all that was know was a candle could be seen burning in the window until the earliest hours of the morning. Nothing was know…until one day, one faithful day in Spring, Bajinoth Q’n had sent invitations to all the Ven who had ever heard his name, even if it were just a whisper. The invitation was to an opera. Bajinoth Q’n had poured every part of his heart and devotion into this masterful opera. The opera was played only for a single night and all the Ven, regardless of their house, were moved by the performance.

It is said they all carried the beauty of the piece into their solace.

Bajinoth Q’n returned to his life among the Ven, but he was changed. He began to view his fellow Ven as performers and the parlours of their gathering had become a whole new stage. Bajinoth Q’n began to use his beauty and blessings to subtly influence his fellow Ven to fit the grand opera that he was composing in his mind. He inspired Vrentae in the married for new passions, Vrentae of heated blades between brothers. The performances did not end there though, all those who denied their parts in his living performance soon found rather unflattering renditions of themselves being shown on stages across the lands. Though it seemed the quill Bajinoth Q’n wielded seemed to be a blade, he had composed many a grand opera to win the romance of young and married Ven woman alike.

Bajinoth Q’n had grown into his solace years, he had spent many seasons living and composing grand opera. His subtle influence and grand gestures had changed many hearts, as well as reshaped many families. Bajinoth Q’n had become loathed and loved as an Unrivaled Composer. A composer who had changed the lives of the Ven who crossed his stage. It was thus, when found on a winters morning, in his solace, many had wept. Wept at the loss of the great composer and wept for his last and unfinished opera.

In his solace, Bajinoth Q’n, had become a suaven to any and all who wished to replicate what he had accomplished in his life. His blessings are tools to those Ven who wish their lives to become a grand opera that history would never forget. The devoted to The Unrivalled Composer seek to show their devotion to Bajinoth Q’n by composing or hosting the grand opera that inspire the virtues that the Ven hold dear. Each opera seeks to be grander than the last, but alas, none have yet to match the opera that was the life of Bajinoth Q’n.

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