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Banjinoth Q'N

A Suaven for the Opera

Bajinoth Q’n House: Blooded of the Fox Favoured Virtue: Beauty Titles: The Unrivaled Composer, Puppeteer Host, Bladed Quill Symbol: A rose surrounded by seven masks Blessings: The Befuddling Kiss, The Black Kiss, The Enchanting Kiss, The Invisible Tongue,A Fox’s Eyes Background Bajinoth Q’n grew… Read more »

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Murder in the Dark

Should you decide to commit your Revenge covertly, the following steps should be followed (from Blood & Tears pages 36 and 37): You must have permission from the Host. You and your victim must be out of sight of any… Read more »


The Flash of Blades

Suppose poison is not your style. You would rather get up close and personal when you exact your Revenge. Perhaps a duel will assuage your fury? In Pala da Nata, when you fight a duel you have two options: Friendly… Read more »

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Regret, Consequences and Plans

What have I done? A rash, foolish act and now this. I should not have gotten caught up in the fervor of the moment. But the moment has passed and now there are consequences. I will hold my head high…. Read more »