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LARP Characters Do’s and Don’ts

Things to watch out for when creating a LARP Character: Your character has to be self-motivating.  In a table top campaign it is possible to play a character who gets dragged into the story, willy nilly, due to the actions… Read more »

Ruined History

The patrols passed by for a second time. For orks they seemed quite organized. I lifted my body onto the ledge that was extending over the shadows I was hiding in. Atop the ledge I had a clear view of… Read more »

A morning’s work interrupted.

Alanya stood at the window of the north tower of her keep, staring in thought over her lands, watching the land blush green as Spring took hold. The screams and wails of the dying veth barely even broke her concentration. Her… Read more »

Morning Musings

As the sun rises and the various veth scurry about the Castle Neth’scurial, the R’shana Lorsa Ovjen gazes out across the Lake Hali with a glass of wine in his hand.  Everything is in readiness for tonight’s Althua. “So the… Read more »